The new a sneak peek at the future of the Web

Around the same time of the 2014 edition of //build, the annual conference unveiling all the new Microsoft products, the Internet Explorer team released the beta version of a new, very particular website, called On that website it’s possible to see all the features of IE that are currently being developed, already supported or still just under consideration. Today, the website is officially out of its beta phase, and it’s up and running for everybody to use it.

IE-StatusModernIE contains a lot of useful data: the list includes CSS3 features, performance improvements, DOM capabilities, device support, … the list is very long. For each of these categories, all the relevant elements are included (for example, under the CSS category we can find CSS3 Transforms support, Box Alignment support …). Also, every item is very detailed, showing:

  • a small description of the feature,
  • what’s the status of the proposed standard for the W3C,
  • what’s the current status of its development (“Under Consideration” or “Included since IE9+”, …),
  • which ones of the major browser support it or are considering/developing it (remember


All the data on the is completely open source, as well as the entire website. Both of them are available on GitHub under the Apache V2 license. This is kinda cool, as it lets other application leverage all the data collected on this website and, maybe, provide new, fun ways to explore the support of the “next Web” by all the major players in the browser landscape.

Also, the website is great on mobile device, such as phones or tablets. This way, it’s even easier to look-up the features you need for a specific website and see what’s the state of their support on IE (and all the other major browsers).